Kennan Ward

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World wide experience with filming, photography and outdoor adventure media projects have developed a special skill and interest in capturing once in a lifetime imagery. I’ve spent three decades associated with field research within National Parks, State Parks and World Heritage Sites world wide. I have experience as a Park Ranger, Consultant Biologist and a published Naturalist. I have climbed, backpacked, and scuba dived across seven continents for most of my adult life. Using a variety of field equipment, I believe visual artistic media is one of the most effective tools to inspire and educate young and old on conservation and the natural world.

I have developed the skills to understand the physics of how things operate and how to work with a diversity of people. I am goal driven, whether the aim is to climb the tallest peaks in the world or add a rural internet satellite. I have managed projects with small and large budgets and I accomplish on-time results within budget. I have excelled in the publishing media for twenty-five years, producing educationally focused products printed on recycled paper. Skills include planning, filming, photography, editing, design, computer graphics, computer IT, printing, fundraising, sales, marketing, promotion, accounting, supervision, personal management, and budgeting.

Since 1980 I have made a living from Photo and Film. My Wife Karen and I were married in Tuolumne Meadows on the summer solstice in 1986. We experience a deep connection to nature and the great outdoors. I primarily work with directing, editing and producing; and enjoy camerawork, filming with a Red Dragon 4K to 6K camera.


Published five books: Grizzlies in the Wild, Journeys with the Ice Bear, Born to be Wild, Denali - Reflections of a Naturalist, The Last Wilderness - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Directed, Feature Film It’s A WILD Life.

Karen Ward

“Working in the natural landscape with wildlife keeps me focused. The stark beauty of the outdoors brings a calm pace into your life that you can see, hear and feel deep in your soul. This simplicity and connection has always brought me my happiest moments.”

Karen Ward has a deep love of nature. Karen was raised in California in a family of seven children. Piled into a VW bus with her parents and six siblings, and camping their way across the U.S., Karen had the opportunity to visit many of America’s great National Parks and wilderness areas, and to develop a deep and life-long love and appreciation for the natural beauty of the outdoors.

A strong photographer in her own right, Karen married Kennan Ward in 1986, and has since contributed to their stock photography library, as well as keeping their successful publishing business, WildLight Press Inc., on track. The stock business provides stories and imagery to a range of clients.

Together in the field, Kennan and Karen Ward have photographed their way across several continents, many countries, and hundreds of national parks, protected and wilderness areas. Traveling 3-6 months per year seeking new images, they keep each other laughing and looking forward to the next adventure, from the office, to a tent in the pouring rain! Bringing back photographs and natural history information, the Wards hope that by educating people about the joy and beauty of nature they can help to protect it.

Karen’s photos have been published in text books, calendars, magazines, brochures and on note and post cards. She loves the stock photography business, and the diversity of her job. Work remains fun and never boring! Being able to work with her best friend and husband keeps life a joy. Karen is the Producer of the Feature Film, It’s A WILD Life.

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